Bisila Noha Ceramics

El Balneario de Panticosa


For this my second project (2016), I kept investigating the behaviour of glazes 
and how I could combine them in order to get a certain range of colours. 

One of my favourite things about doing ceramics is to be able to mix it with other disciplines. 
And so, I decided to use analogue photography as a source of inspiration this time. 


Analogue photography is another hobby I have, which I also love, because like ceramics, it is very much about being patient 
and enjoying the magic of how external factors can do marvels with one's work.

The photographies I chose were some analogue photos I took from El Balneario de Panticosa, a village in the Spanish Pyrenees.


To know more about El Balneario and its history, 
please read the article I wrote for Lomography
where you will also be able to see all my photos (in Spanish).