Bisila Noha Ceramics



'We engage in the creative process to become more of whom we'd like to be and, just as important, to discover more of whom we might become. We make things because we enjoy the process, but our underlying intent, inevitably, is self-transformation. 

(...) However humbly, we are participating in the ongoing, communal project of mankind to narrate what it means to be human, how our universe works, and how we should live.' (‘Why we make things and why it matters’ by Peter Korn)


BRUMAS (2018)

My initial plates have evolved from ‘An Interpretation of the Way of Tea I’, leaving behind their domestic function. 

Although they now are purely decorative pieces, they still have a function: that of visual delight and aesthetic pleasure, like the most powerful stormy skies.

Influenced by a society that imposes productivity and practicality, I started making pieces that had multiple functions.
Cups that could be candleholders or beakers, bottles that could be vases, plates that could be trays. 
Those pieces are a metaphor of us, human beings, becoming ‘human doers’.

The aim of this work is to take a step back to leave the doing behind and embrace the being.