Bisila Noha Ceramics

Oaxacan Pottery


An inspiring workshop to discover Oaxaca's pottery tradition.

The Mexican state of Oaxaca has one of the strongest pottery traditions in the country, with over 70 pottery villages. I was there in March 2017 - a trip that completely changed me, both personally and professionally.

I spent most of time there visiting local potters to see and learn how they worked. I had never seen anything like it before: a millennial tradition; women who had learnt the craft from their mothers and grandmothers; who take part in every single step of the process - from going to the mines to collect the clay, to mixing it, making the pieces, firing and selling them -.

Such a deep connection between these artisans and their craft. Such a profound understanding of the raw materials. And, especially, such amount of love and care that is put on each and every piece they make. 

I designed this workshop in order to share everything I saw. From the stories and lives of these amazing potters, to the techniques and, above all, the passion.

Here you have some pictures of the workshop I run in the ceramics store Bureau Mad in Madrid in June 2017. My first pottery talk/workshop ever.